Leadership Hudson:

Training Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

What is Leadership Hudson?

Leadership Hudson is a nine-month program that introduces participants to the City of Hudson, its business and community leaders. The main goal of the program is to prepare participants to serve the community in future leadership positions. In addition to valuable development of personal leadership skills, the program provides the opportunity for each class to develop its own unique project that will benefit the wider Hudson community.

The purpose and goals of Leadership Hudson are:

  • To educate interested Hudson residents and workers about community organizations
  • To encourage participation in those organizations
  • To build a leadership resource to serve future community needs

B E N E F I T S…

Individuals will benefit from participating in leadership in a number of ways:

  • Increased awareness and honing of personal leadership skills
  • Increased understanding of the community and opportunities to positively impact it
  • Opportunity to meet, befriend and work alongside driven, community-minded individuals

Companies and organizations that participate in Leadership Hudson, whether by sponsoring class members or speaking to classes, also benefit from the program.

External benefits are gained from being recognized as a business leader interested in the future of our community. Participation in Leadership Hudson places your organization amid leaders in our area, forging stronger relationships for future growth.

Participating organizations also can see Leadership Hudson as a positive growth opportunity for managers and executives. Through Leadership Hudson, employees will learn about our area and the people, commerce and organizations that thrive here.

Organizations will benefit internally by learning about the Hudson market, its people, its influences and opportunities. In addition, Leadership Hudson is an excellent way to bring professional development ideas into your organization.

Please contact us with any questions about the program here.

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